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The Inevitable Political Economy Regime and Great Wealth Transfer

Updated: May 10

Financial repression is a very subtle, political tool implemented through the executive branch of the government to transfer wealth from savers to debtors and steer credit and savings where they want it to be for "Public Sector Good".

In this first video, Russell Napier brilliantly lays out why he believes we are at the brink of a new global regime change. He highlights the main ramifications of financial repressions in our modern economies and offers a few examples of what financial repression measures could look like.

In the following video, Napier discuss how ongoing changes in Asia will necessarily disrupt Western economies and democracies. Like Napier, we expect that the next global market disrupting factors will come from Asia.

“Investing in China is a very dangerous game even with a PE of 10. The terminal value for foreigners’ investments in China is zero”.

In this third video, Napier explains why we should expect central banks to slowly lose their independence to the executive branch of the government.

In this 4th video, Napier discusses why financial repression may well be expedited and exacerbated in Europe and how to prepare for it.

In this 5th video, Napier explains the 21 lessons from financial history.

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