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“Traditional portfolios, hedges and risk models won’t work anymore, we think.”

- Blackrock macro September 2022

“What you have learned in market economics in the past forty years will be useless in the new world. For the next twenty years, you need to get familiar with the concepts of political economy. ”

- Russell Napier, October 2022

“Buy & Hold strategies will not withstand the test of time. Actually, I believe a whole generation of stock and bond investors has been fooled by the Big Macro Cycles. ”

- Fred Dionne, September 2022

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In this training program, you will learn to anticipate big market moves and, most importantly, to take profit before the inevitable reversal happens.


You will learn to truly diversify your financial portfolio with a broader range of non-correlated macro assets, and successfully trade, on both sides whether they go up or down, currencies, commodities, equity indexes, crypto assets and bonds across various financial markets in North-America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, with a proven data-driven and risk-management approach.


In this training program, we will show you why the traditional 60-40 portfolio might not serve you well for decades to come.


We will show you why common financial knowledge may lead you to go in the wrong direction and why you should embrace a flexible thought process.

Most investors base their expectations on what they have experienced in their lifetime, and rely on the then prevailing common knowledge.


Most investors ignore systemic risks that may arise from a shift in market conditions, which will always happen when a new cycle emerges, as history teaches us. 


These risks may wipe out a portfolio that is not well diversified.


We will show you how to become a Super Investor by spending only 5 hours per week, and all the rewarding benefits that come with it.


Check out the characteristics of the typical Retail Investors vs Super Investor vs Macro Trader. You'll decide who you want to be.



We will show you market timing and forecasting tools that will significantly improve your market timing skills. Significantly.


We will show you how to build a truly diversified portfolio with a mix of equity indices, commodities, currencies and bonds. The goal will be to reduce your risk by up to 80% and improve your returns. How about that!


We will show you how to profit from short term market moves, up or down, in more than 40 global macro markets.

This is a complete training program like no other (see the description). It will provide you with the foundation to develop and master your own macro trading skills.


With sufficient practice and commitment, we are confident that you will be able to consistently profit from global financial markets in any market conditions including bear markets, recessions, inflationary or deflationary market conditions.


And yes, you can trade successfully part time if you are disciplined enough. By spending 5-hours a week, we believe you can come up with solid trade ideas that will make a positive impact on your wealth.


We strongly believe you can reach your financial goals 8X faster with this training program than without it.


And the cherry on the cake is that you will get access to our daily live trading commentary for life so you can continue to improve week after week. Now that's AWESOME !


We will show you how to master relative performance, which is one of the most important factor in optimizing your portfolio returns.


We will show you how to distinguish policy markets' narrative from their true intentions and real motivations. This will help you think like a contrarian when you need to, so you can buy weakness and sell strength.


We will show you how to piggyback on smart money and take profit before the inevitable market reversals happen.


We will show you how to use data and systematic strategies to improve your portfolio returns and better manage you risks.


We will show you our own Master Tips that will help you beat the average investor hands down, whether you choose to be a long-term investor or a short-term trader.


We will give you access for life to the 8XW Live Trading Room where you'll be able to learn new trading ideas, anticipate the next big market moves and share your thoughts with other super investors and macro traders.

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2022 was all about learning the macro world. I started eight months ago and did some excellent months, the best one at +54% MoM and a bad one -41% MoM—lots of ups and downs. Lessons: 1- there's no such thing as one asset that will lift my portfolio. I went too big on China, and I got struck. I had to sell at a loss to bring my margin back. 2- Rebalancing after a big trading day. I did, but I did not do enough. 3- more positions in more assets class. Compare the ratio, and follow the market switch in assets. I didn't consider the switch to USD in 2022, for example. 4- too early. My main problem. US30Y is a good example. Headlines were polluting my analysis. Three things I'm proud of: In a matter of weeks, I returned from my significant loss in China. Got back 100% of it. I’m getting better at “feeling” the market. Not perfect, but I can say that, in December, not jumping on natgas was a big positive for me. I don't buy what I don't know. Again, with nat gas, I went deep into my analysis. I made the right calls because I understand the forces for that asset. So after eight months, I finish at -8% my 2022. Not happy, but I strive. Once you go Macro, you can't go back. Big thanks to you Fred @Mr. Macro (1998)


This 8XW unique training program is led by Fred Dionne, an experienced and pragmatic global macro trader. Fred will say things as they are, question the youtuber or tiktoker who promises easy money, challenge your common financial knowledge and make sure your expectations stay in line with your actual market experience. Fred will help you reach your financial goals faster by improving your odds of success with greater financial knowledge and taking less risk overall.




After completing his first life challenge as an infantry platoon commander in his early 20s, Fred went on to practice law in corporate finance, then built and sold a successful law firm, bootstrapped two emerging technology companies (1 profitable, 1 burnt), while actively trading global macro financial instruments for 20+ years.

"I started my trading career by joining a trading class in my early 30s. The class was run by LBR, a hugely successful multi-asset trader featured in the book New Market Wizards."

Fred went on to work for LBR as a trading assistant after she noticed his skills as a newbie trader.

Since then, Fred researched and developed his own pragmatic, risk adjusted and data-driven approach to trading global financial markets delivering consistent, above average returns, in all market conditions.

Fred has been leading the development of 8X ATP, an automated trading platform.

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Stock Market Quotes

1 Training Program, 3 Courses, 27 Sessions

PART 1 - FOUNDATION 1. Intro 2. It Starts with the Right Mindset a. Do you believe in The Magical Money Machine? b. You learn valuable lessons by failing not by winning c. Looking yourself in the mirror d. Understanding your weaknesses e. Putting Aside “Certain” Convictions f. Can you Deal with an Extraordinary Flow of Conflicting Information? g. What are your obsessions? h. Observing your day i. You want to trade because: …? j. Will you be Committed Enough? k. Your Mini Me l. A few things about me 3. A Healthy Lifestyle a. Do you have the Drive to Survive Mentality? b. Gut Psychology and Financial Markets - the short story c. The Right Amount of Dopamine d. Get Your Diet Right e. Your Routine f. Your source of capital g. Your mental support 4. Some Key Concepts a. Fair Competition and the Sharing of Knowledge b. Common financial knowledge is overrated, Common sense is underrated b. Building Wealth c. Trading is actually Easy, in theory : d. It is Easy to be Always Right, “Eventually” e. Overspecialization is very dangerous f. What is Global Macro Investing g. Some Key Definitions h. Market Basics i. Forward looking and Discounting mechanism j. Asset Classes and Diversification k. Bull, bear markets, bubbles and busts l. Risk Adjusted Returns m. Risks Overview n. Narrative and Sentiment o. Types of financial instruments p. Long and short trades q. Position(Core) Trades, Swing (Scalp) Trades and Spread Trades r. Types of orders s. Market Depth t. Using leverage u. Understanding Margin requirements v. Hedging w. Volatility x. Normal Distribution and Mean reversion y. Effect of Compounding z. The costs of trading aa. The Big Picture bb. Leading Indicators cc. Lagging Indicators dd. Beating the Benchmarks ee. Predictions vs Game Plan, Knowledge vs Positioning ff. Dealing with Cognitive Dissonance - the Big IFs 5. Connecting to your Global-Macro Broker a. Setup the practice account first b. Alternative: trade ETFs on stock exchanges c. Video: setup your charts in Oanda d. My Setup 6. A Few Recommended Readings a. Alpha Trader (new) b. Mind over markets c. Schwager on Futures : Technical analysis d. Street smarts by LBR e. Intermarket Analysis, by John Murphy f. Alchemy of finance by George Soros g. The man who solved the markets h. Changing world order by Ray Dalio i. Big Cycles by Ray Dalio j. Who to follow on twitter and Linkedin k. Macro Research l. News sites 7. Understand Rules and Participants a. Intro to Capital Markets b. Participants and their incentives c. The Rules d. Who typically wins e. Who typically loses f. Can you beat the benchmarks? 8. Principles of Global-Macro Investing and Trading a. Where to start b. History matters (a lot)! c. Economic Theory d. Understanding key fundamental economic cycles e. Surplus and Deficit - the balance of payments f. Credit and Interest rate Policy g. Currencies h. Workforce i. Understanding Big Debt Cycles and Boom and Bust j. Quantitative Easing (QE) and Tightening (QT) k. GDP l. Recessions m. Inflation, Deflation, Stagflation and Shrinkflation n. Globalization and De-Globalization (Protectionism) o. Price Action vs Fundamentals p. Earnings Cycles q. Long-term cycles, short term patterns r. The Narrative vs True Intentions of Policy Makers s. Reflexivity or what causes self-fulfilling prophecies t. A few words about crypto-currencies u. Why Buy & Hold will not be the right strategy looking ahead

PART 2 - TRADING TECHNIQUES 9. The Utmost Importance of Diversification a. The anti-HODLer, Goldbug, doomsayer, anything mindset b. Stop thinking about long Stocks only c. Index investing vs Stock Picking - the positive skew d. Spread your trades methodically, but don’t overtrade e. Be aware of alternatives that can disrupt existing methods f. Example of diversified global macro portfolio 10. Portfolio Correlations a. Chances are you have all your eggs in the same basket b. How to measure cross-market correlation c. Shifting correlations d. Basics to build a truly diversified global macro portfolio e. Video: Do it yourself with a spreadsheet 11. Relative Performance a. Performance is always relative to another asset (ex: to USD) b. Money Flows c. Ratios d. How to setup these charts in Tradingview e. Inflation adjusted : f. Seasonal patterns g. Trading Dashboard h. Examples 12. Mastering Auction Theory, Price Discovery and Technical Analysis to trigger entries and exits a. Multi-Assets, Multi-Strategy, Multi-Timeframes b. Putting it all together c. Thesis vs Short-Term Tactical Outlook d. The model e. Big Picture f. Capital Flows g. Charts: Using multiple timeframes - Monthly, Weekly, Daily and intraday h. Introducing “Impulse” Charts i. When Markets Move j. Trend vs counter-trend trading k. Rallies l. Value Areas and Market Profile m. Type of day n. Levels o. Reversals p. Moving averages and fair value q. Pivots r. Momentum s. ATR t. Volatility u. Time is of the essence v. Trading Logic w. wide range bars x. Measured Moves y. Exhaustion and Climax z. Buying and Selling Tails aa. Responsive versus initiative buying or selling bb. Historic Data dd. Intermarket analysis ee. Piggybacking on Smart Money ff. Keeping it simple gg. Anticipating the next opportunities ii. The Weakness and Strength of Technical Analysis 13. Managing Financial Risks a. Intro b. Leverage is a two-edged sword c. Black Swans and Extremes in Standard Deviation d. Liquidity Squeeze e. Redemption Restrictions f. Ponzi Schemes and Fraud g. Monopoly and Business Empire h. Bad Actors i. Using stops j. Position size matters (a lot) k. Timing is (almost) everything l. The Power of Swing Trading m. Calibrating and Rebalancing your Portfolio n. Reading the Tape o. Preparing for drawdowns and Black swan events p. Proper Diversification Means Much Lower Risk

PART 3 - MASTERING MARKETS 14. Trading with Data a. A few words about pattern recognition b. Analog vs pixelated view c. Using the OANDA API d. Using TradingView e. Exploring and Testing strategies f. Examples of systematic strategies g. P&L, win-loss, streaks, drawdowns, sharpe ratios, etc. h. ATR, correlation, standard deviation i. Up days, down days j. Advancing / Declining k. Regressions and Mean reversion l. Using Regression Analysis in TradingView m. Profiting from price swings in non-correlated assets n. Seasonal Patterns o. Meta Learning p. Digital Assets q. 8X ATP 15. News and Calendar Events a. Relevant and unbiased News vs noise and biased News b. Where to look c. Avoid Biased Narrative at all Costs d. Causes and Effects 16. Proven Trading Techniques a. Embrace fear, spot greed, find value b. Candlesticks Charts c. Impulse Charts d. Ranges and Channels e. Trends f. Volume g. Breakouts h. Channels i. wide range Bars j. Climax and Spikes k. Conviction vs Trade location l. Market neutral techniques m. Macro plays n. Traps and failed auctions o. Placing orders p. Scalping q. Aiming for Stops r. Failed patterns matter more s. Taking profits on a regular basis 17. Case Studies a. The UK confidence crisis b. The Swiss Franc devaluation c. The Crude Oil shock d. The European crisis e. The USD Milkshake f. The Covid Boom & Bust in Bonds, then in Stocks 18. Forecasting tools a. The Best Forecasting Tool is a Flexible Game Plan b. yield curve c. Leading indicators d. Open Source Intelligence 19. Master Tips a. My key principles to Success in trading. b. Common Mistakes & How To Avoid Them c. Do not invest in the present, anticipate the future d. Focus on what’s in play e. Write Down the Theme of the Day or of the Week f. Watch the right timeframes g. Multi-strategy ALWAYS h. The 5-DAY SMA for Short Term Trading i. A Golden Rule: The Higher Low and Lower High j. Don’t Fade Afternoon Trends k. Wait for the Next Day l. Markets are resilient, often wrong and love to test the extremes many times m. Check and Balance your Discipline and Mental State n. Trade against your Core Position o. Spotting the Bubble Top or Burst Low p. When you feel lost - zoom out, reduce position sizing and take profit often q. When you feel overwhelmed, just do something else r. Know your Streaks (hot and cold) s. Using Linear Regression Analysis t. Setting up the best RR Trades with Impulse Charts and Tails u. Know everything about your positions, P&L, win/loss ratios, daily, weekly and monthly drawdowns etc. v. Keep Challenging your convictions w. Increase position sizing on higher conviction trades x. Let your winners run y. Don’t hesitate to pull the trigger, but in doubt stay out … z. Leverage is a double edged sword aa. Leave FOMO to retail traders bb. Embrace fear, spot greed, find value cc. The Big Ideas and Crisis for this decade dd. Yes you can beat your Lazy Broker 20. Charts library a. Our charts library is updated regularly b. ATR c. Moving Averages d. Trends e. Failed Auctions f. Consolidation g. Failed Setups h. Breakouts i. Measured Moves j. Broadening patterns k. Divergences and Mean Reversals l. Climax and Tails m. Crash n. Gaps o. Inside bars p. Levels q. Noise r. Relative Performance s. ROC t. Tops and Bottoms u. Value Area v. Linear Regression Channels w. Wide Range Reversals x. Scalps y. When to be Aggressive z. Mistakes and Bad Trades 21. Doing your homework a. Annotate your charts b. Identify key levels and technical events c. Setup Alerts d. Know what main factors affect your Market e. Know the ATR f. Don’t be reactive: Place most of your orders in advance g. Note the calendar of events h. Review correlation and relative performance, often i. Read, watch, analyze and read again j. Practice with Tradingview Replays k. A Trading Sheet template l. Training your body and mind 22. Mastering your Personality a. Band of Brothers b. Type of traders c. Pulling the trigger d. Managing risks first, Pull the trigger second e. Taking profits often f. Trade with Confidence but beware of the Confidence Trap 23. Your First Goal: Reaching $120K. a. Start with a practice account b. Learn to BUY under FMV and SELL SHORT ABOVE FMV c. Follow us in the Live Trading Room (included in your course package) d. A very Special Offer if you pass the Course as an Ace 24. Putting everything together: Becoming a Super Trader or Master Trader 25. Your Next Step: Improving in our live trading room 26. Apply your new skills to stock trading and crypto-currencies. 27. Open your wings!


  • 3 month e-learning based on a 5-hour week pace. 

  • daily or weekly live practice with active guidance from our active macro traders


When you sign up for this training program, you'll get access to the 8XW live trading room for life.


Because practice makes perfect.

This V.I.P. Training is now only available
to 8X ATP customers 



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