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A Random Event
Made Everything Else
Much More Predictable

What is 8X Wealth?

8X Wealth is a groundbreaking global macro program built from the ground up with years of experience in global financial markets.


It consists of 3 game changing online experiences that form the 8X Macro Edge:


  • A very comprehensive training where you will acquire new skills to profit from, and better manage your risks with broader diversification in global macro markets: currencies, equity indexes, commodities and bonds.  We are releasing to the public for the first time our knowledge of auction markets because we believe you will significantly improve your returns while reducing your risk by up to 80%. Please take a minute to check out the training description here.

  • A private online trading room to gain macro experience. It's a private community where our macro traders share market opportunities in real-time, which will help you improve your profit taking and execution skills. The assets we trade are extremely liquid in the sense that you can get in and out of them in a matter of milliseconds with no or very low slippage. Not like real estate ...

  • An exclusive automated trading platform (ATP) that automatically trades in your own account through an application programming interface. It’s available only to 50 accredited investors worldwide; 8X ATP operates as a Select Investment Club with no management fee. It is crème de la crème technology.

Reserve your seat here.

It Started with a Random Event

Fred got introduced to Martin through a business partner back in 2018. A few drinks and sushi later, Fred and Martin decided to launch 8X Labs together.

Martin is a brilliant software engineer with over 20 years of experience. He acquired his knowledge in markets when he was a software engineer at Bloomberg in New York.

Fred has a corporate finance and technology background. He was trained in global macro finance and trading more than 15 years ago by Linda Bradford Raschke.


LBR was featured alongside Stanley Drukenmiller in The New Market Wizards.

Neither Martin nor Fred had really planned this.


But life had a different plan for them.


Martin's pixelated and Fred's analog views of global macro finance were just about to collide. 

The opportunity became tangible. The execution became achievable. The performance became real

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