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  • How do I access the training online?
    8X wealth currently uses Moodle as its learning management software (LMS). To login to the Moodle LMS, please do the following: Go to Login by tapping on the 8X logo at the bottom of the page - DO NOT USE THE OTHER LOGIN OPTIONS. On your desktop On your mobile device Watch the video Enter your login credentials. If you have forgotten your password, tap forget password. Mobile App from the App Store To continue your training on your mobile device, please download the Moodle app on the App Store or Google Play store. The first time you login in the mobile app, you will be asked to join a site. Enter the name of the site as follows: "" site. Sign in with your 8X credentials, as indicated above.
  • What is the difference between 8X Wealth and 8X ATP
    8X Wealth offers 3 groundbreaking experiences that form what we call the Macro Edge. A very comprehensive training to become a Super Investor or full-time Macro Trader: A live trading room to gain a ton of experience: An automated trading platform (trading bot) called 8X ATP: 8X ATP is a Select Investment Club opened to only 50 accredited investors worldwide. While applicable laws do not allow us to take more than 50 accredited investors for 8X ATP, the 8X Wealth training program and live trading room community is opened to an unlimited number of retail investors worldwide. See our disclosure and disclaimer on our home page.
  • Are my funds safe if I trade CFDs with Oanda Canada?
    We currently trade with 2 reputable brokers: Oanda Canada and Interactive Brokers. Funds are protected up to CAD$1M as per the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). There is no requirement that you live in or be a citizen of Canada to be eligible to the CIPF protection. For more details, visit:
  • I have purchased only 1 course and now I'd like to do the full training
    If you have purchased a single course of the training, whether it is Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3, and you now want to do the full training, please purchase the Full Training on the store and we will give you a full credit of what you paid for Part 1, 2 or 3. Please allow 5 business days to receive your credit.
  • I have subscribed to the Live Trading Room but now I would like to do the full training
    If you have subscribed to the Live Trading Room with an annual plan* and now want to do the full training, which comes with the live trading room for life, please purchase the Full Training on the store and we will give you a pro-rated credit for all remaining prepaid months under your annual subscription*. Please allow 5 business days to receive your credit. * We don't offer a credit for a monthly subscription to the Live Trading Room.
  • General terminology used by 8X Wealth
    Please also see the investment terms available on Investopedia. 50 D SMA, 200 W SMA or 5 M SMA, etc. SMA means simple moving average The letter before SMA refers to the applicable timeframe, D for Daily, W for Weekly and M for Monthly The number refers to the SMA period So 50 D SMA means the 50 day simple moving average and 200 W SMA means the 200 week simple moving average. 30s, 120m, 240m, etc. We refer to the 30 second, 120 minute and 240m chart ATH means All Time High ATR means Average True Range BPS means basis points, pronounced BIPS. 20 bps means 0.20. Breadth means the net result of the Advancing stocks minus the Declining stocks on NYSE (ticker: advdec.ny). EQ means equities FA or Failed Auction means a price extension below (above) fair value, which is swiftly rejected by responsive buyers (sellers).​ It can be shown on the Market Profile with single prints (buying or selling tails) at one end of the profile. It is then followed by a Range Extension at the opposite end, as trapped market participants rush to close their losing short-term positions. ​ It is also commonly known as a bear or bull trap.. GFC refers to the Great Financial Crisis of 2007-2008-2009, following the failure of Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, AIG and many other investment banks and insurance companies which provide insurance in respect of CDOs through CDS (Credit Default Swaps). HTF means higher timeframe (we usually refer to 120m + timeframes) HL means horizontal line HOD means High of Day HV means Historical Volatility LOD means Low of Day LTF means lower timeframe (we usually refer to 30 second to 30 minute timeframes) POC means the point of control in the market profile. RR means risk/reward Spot price: The spot price is the current price in the marketplace at which a given asset—such as a security, commodity, or currency—can be bought or sold for immediate delivery. Tape: we’ll use this expression often. Watch the tape, respect the tape. It basically means following the price action and price reaction of a given security at key levels to anticipate the next move. You’ll learn various concepts in this training program but most of all, we’ll give you all the tools to become an expert at reading the tape. Where does the expression reading the tape come from: TL means trendline UNITS It means the default size for a given instrument that you trade. For example purposes, 1 unit could represent $100,000 for the USDCAD and therefore 2 units would represent 2 x $100,000. Units are your default size when you take a position. In the live trading room you will often see us post We are Long 1st unit INSTRUMENT NAME. We added a 2nd unit INSTRUMENT NAME, etc. It means that we bought our first default size, then added a second unit to our position. So if our default size is $100K for the USDCAD, it means that we are LONG $200K if we have 2 units on. We often will discuss in Part X how you should determine your default number of UNIT per instrument based on your account size, margin requirements, etc. We often trade with multiple units added at different levels to average down or up a trade that we have. As a golden rule, we never add more than 3 units on a trade. Obviously, the number of units should vary based on your trade conviction. VOL means volatility, not volume VWAP means volume weighted average price WRB means wide range bars YC means Yesterday’s close
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