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Official Launch Date is February 20, 2023. Don't miss it!

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With our new exclusive online courses, released to the public for the first time, you'll acquire new knowledge to profit from international markets, while working from home.  

You'll learn how to anticipate the next big market moves before they happen, and when to take profit. 

You'll be given a new set of tools and frameworks that will make you a much better investor, no matter the prevailing market conditions. 

And, as it turns out, we have the track record to back it up.

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Get ready to challenge your Common Financial Knowledge

“A whole generation of stock and bond investors has been fooled by the Big Macro Cycles. ”

- Fred Dionne, September 2022


In this very comprehensive online course, you'll acquire new skills to become a Super Investor and discover new global macro strategies that will help you profit in any market conditions. You'll also enjoy a free access to the 8XW live trading room for life

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2022 was all about learning the macro world. I started eight months ago and did some excellent months, the best one at +54% MoM and a bad one -41% MoM—lots of ups and downs. Lessons: 1- there's no such thing as one asset that will lift my portfolio. I went too big on China, and I got struck. I had to sell at a loss to bring my margin back. 2- Rebalancing after a big trading day. I did, but I did not do enough. 3- more positions in more assets class. Compare the ratio, and follow the market switch in assets. I didn't consider the switch to USD in 2022, for example. 4- too early. My main problem. US30Y is a good example. Headlines were polluting my analysis. Three things I'm proud of: In a matter of weeks, I returned from my significant loss in China. Got back 100% of it. I’m getting better at “feeling” the market. Not perfect, but I can say that, in December, not jumping on natgas was a big positive for me. I don't buy what I don't know. Again, with nat gas, I went deep into my analysis. I made the right calls because I understand the forces for that asset. So after eight months, I finish at -8% my 2022. Not happy, but I strive. Once you go Macro, you can't go back. Big thanks to you Fred @Mr. Macro (1998)


In the 8XW live trading room available on your desktop and mobile device, you'll access our daily, live trading commentary from master traders and guests covering over 40 global macro markets, including stock indexes, currencies, commodities and bonds. Worth every penny.

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8X ATP is the Global Macro algo trading arm of 8X Wealth, powered by machine learning. It operates as a Select Investment Club available to a limited group of 50 accredited investors worldwide

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